Using Mobile Learning Devices for University Level and Professional Development
Mobile Learning Design and Approaches - Best Practices

Education 2.0 vs. Education 3.0 - We have been educated in a 1.0 education model, we are teaching in a 2.0 model but our students are living in a 3.0 model.

The Padagogy Wheel V2.0

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Awesome Poster on Bloom's Revised Taxonomy

Viewing Mobile Learning from a Pedagogical Perspective
Tablets and Education

Making The Shift To Mobile-First Teaching

25 Examples of Mobile Teaching

The 20 Best Blogs About Mobile Learning
The Survival Guide for Teaching with Mobile Devices

5 Critical Mistakes Schools Make With iPads (And How To Correct Them)
Mobile Instructional Design Principles for Adult Learners
As the Web Goes Mobile, Colleges Fail to Keep UpColleges that have put some effort into mobile have taken one of three paths. Some buy applications from Blackboard, the educational-software and technology giant. Others opt for a competing open-source platform created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is free to use. Colleges in the third group have built applications themselves.

iPad Resources for Administrations

Mobile Learning Portal - hosted by the Learning Technology Center in the College of Education at The University of Texas at Austin, is designed to be a central point of access to the wide range of research, projects, and other resources related to the use of mobile technologies in learning environments.

Education’s Guide to Mobile Devices: Everything You Need to Know About Mobile Tech and Your Schools

What do Students Think of Using iPads in Class? Pilot [[#|Survey]] Results -

The Classroom in the Palm of Your Hand Mobile Learning Delivers…

10 Major Mobile Trends to Watch For from

Quick and Simple mLearning Content for the iPhone
Provides a basic vehicle for creating simple mLearning content, so that you can get started quickly, see what’s possible, understand the pitfalls, and begin to figure out how you might blend mLearning into your existing training or learning strategy.

See How iPads are Transforming Learning

Teaching America's First Course on Mobile Phone Learning
The course consists of five units: (1) learning foundation – examining the connection to learning and the theoretical foundation of mobile learning; (2) technology – exploring the various [[#|mobile phones]], their interfaces and capabilities; (3) uses – practical uses of mobile phones for learning and functionalities; (4) design considerations – what to consider when
designing learning activities for mobile [[#|phones]]; (5) conceptual design – design an [[#|application]] for your mobile phone.
Practical Advice for Teaching with Twitter

One Year or Less: Mobile Computing - 2010 Horizon Report

Mobile Web Application Best Practices
The goal of this document is to aid the development of rich and dynamic mobile Web applications. It collects the most relevant engineering practices, promoting those that enable a better user experience and warning against those that are considered harmful.

Cell phones in the classroom The internet catalog for students, teachers, administrators & parents. Over 20,000 relevant links personally selected by an educator/author with over 30 years of experience.
Mobile Devices Ease Task of Evaluating Teachers, Districts Administrators call up Google Form checklists to assess how well teachers are using technology, differentiating instruction, or following up on student interventions.

Facebook apps for eLearning

ISTE goes Mobile: Beta Version of ISTE iPhone App Now Available An iPhone application (and set of mobile pages) that keeps ISTE news, networks, and resources as close as your pocket or purse. ISTE Mobile includes a rich content library featuring ISTE Connects blog posts, a mobile version of the ISTE Community Ning, selected L&Larticles, the NETS, ISTE podcasts, and ISTE 2010 news.

Papers can be written from a cell phone using text-to-voice and voice-to-text and submitted online. Presentations can be recorded with a cell phone and submitted online.

Can the iPhone save higher education?Texas university explores evaluates mobile, digital learning; 'ubiquity matters'.

How the iPhone Could Reboot Education

ACU's iPhone Initiative: a Year Later

Seton Hill to Offer iPads to Full-Time Students Seton Hill University, a liberal-arts institution in Pennsylvania with more than 2,100 students, announced a program on Tuesday that offers an iPad to every full-time student.

First iPad University Course

Rutgers University and Apple’s [[#|higher education]] team are collaborating on a Mini-MBA in Digital Marketing that will fully integrate the iPad.
Librarians Answer Reference Questions With Text Messages

Higher Education's Best Mobile Technology Programs: Five Campuses stood out in a National List of Schools Making Mobile Devices an Integral Part of [[#|Student Life]]

Twitter in Higher Education 2010: Usage Habits and Trends of Today’s College Faculty

Using Mobile Learning Devices at the Secondary Level
Show Administrators Good Learning, Not Mobile Learning, to Convince them of Mobile Learning
Mapping a Personalized Learning Journey: K-12 Students and Parents Connect the Dots with Digital Learning

Teacher's Guide on the Use of iPad in Education

Making the Most of Your New iPad

Daily Walkthroughs with GoogleApps and the iPad

Project K-Nect Pilot program to see if they could improve Algebra I performance among low-income students.

Quick and Simple mLearning Content for the iPhone
Provides a basic vehicle for creating simple mLearning content, so that you can [[#|get started]] quickly, see what’s possible, understand the pitfalls, and begin to figure out how you might blend mLearning into your existing training or learning strategy.

iPads in the Classroom Includes links to apps, tutorials, ideas for use in the classroom with both regular education and special education students, and much more.

Cell Phones as Teaching Tools
William M. Ferriter describes three ways to get your school to embrace the instructional use of [[#|cell phones]], including: making phones visible, demonstrating a convincing classroom application, and using phones in place of common supplies such as dictionaries.

Mobile Learning Lesson Plans

Top 50 iPhone Apps for Educators

Mobile Learning Makes Its Mark on K-12 The use of mobile devices for learning is sparking a shift in the ed-tech landscape, but its impact on student achievement is unclear.

**6 Ways to Use Cellphones to Strengthen the Home-School Connection**

Math and Tech Standards-Aligned Activities for Technology in the Classroom

Solving Algebra on Smartphones

Frog Dissection, an Apple iPad app for virtual frog dissection. as part of the

Project K-Nect is designed to create a supplemental resource for secondary at-risk students to focus on increasing their math skills through a common and popular technology – mobile smartphones.

Show Administrators Good Learning, Not Mobile Learning, to Convince them of Mobile Learning
Teach Your Students How to Share With The Instructor and Parents
What Do Students Think of Using iPads in Class?

Sam Gliksman reports on survey results from high school students who used the iPad in a four-month pilot program. Students reported an 83% preference for using e-books over paper textbooks.

One Year Later: Assessing the Impact of iPads on Education

Sam Gliksman provides a compelling case for why the iPad is demonstrating the capabilities of tablet computers to transform the delivery of learning.

The iPad in Education: The Professor’s Perspective
Haydn Davis describes the results of pilot iPad projects in higher ed and provides examples of how instructors are successfully using iPads in a variety of subject areas.

Is the iPad Ready to Replace the Printed Textbook?
Dian Schaffhauser explores whether having regular access to an iPad improves student engagement and facilitates the reading of course materials, and why many campuses aren’t yet ready to wholeheartedly adopt the iPad.

iPad 2 in the Humanities Classroom: Revolutionary Educational Technology?
Jim Caccamo describes how his initial six-week trial of the iPad had a positive impact on the teaching and learning environment in his classroom.

7 Reasons You Need iPad in Your Classroom and 10 Ways to Use Them
Barbara Schroeder lists seven reasons why an iPad is superior to a netbook, and provides ten examples of effective iPad activities in a variety of subject areas.

Five Ways Readers Are Using iPads in the Classroom
The eSchool News staff reports on five of the most popular uses of the iPad: intervention, enrichment, assistive technology, digital literacy, and organizing resources/reading.

62 Interesting Ways to Use an iPad in the Classroom (slide presentation)
Tom Barrett's slide presentation provides sixty-two creative ways to improve instruction with the iPad.

11 iPad Apps for Meetings and Presentations
Sharlyn Lauby provides screenshots of the best iPad apps to use for training presentations and group brainstorming activities.

Leveraging the Power of Mobile Learning: How mobile learning is surpassing laptop computers, and opening up a new education model of "anytime, anywhere" learning.

iPod Literacy - Using the iPod in the Classroom and Staff Development

100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better

m-Learning using Mobile Phones - Webquest

iSchool Initiative a student-led non-profit organization dedicated to bringing technology to the classroom. They have three objectives -raising awareness for the technological needs of the classroom, providing collaborative research on the use of technology in the classroom, and guiding schools in the implementation of this technology.

Cell Phones in the Classroom The internet catalog for students, teachers, administrators & parents.
Over 20,000 relevant links personally selected by an educator/author with over 30 years of experience.

Use Google Forms for data collection
Create a Google Form and email it to your iPod Touch. When you click the link, it will take you to the Form formatted for the Touch, with multiple choice scroll menus, text boxes, etc. Use the Touch as a handheld data collection device that automatically populates a spreadsheet with your data.

Using Mobile Learning Devices at the Elementary Level
Mobile Ed.Org Open Mobile Learning

Inside Steve Jobs schools: swapping books for iPads
Schools in the Netherlands have shunned textbooks and only use Apple tablets for teaching and learning. A year in, journalist Sarah Marsh investigates how pupils and teachers are faring

A video introduction to mResearch. Contains a variety of apps available to help conduct research anytime, anywhere, on just about any device.

iPads for Kindergartners: Experts Applaud District's Decision

Pod touch. Touching student lives in the classroom a living document to share in this vision and offer ways that the classroom teacher can use the iPod touch creatively and easily with their students.

Mobile Devices in the Classroom: Phones, netbooks and iPods are finding a place in the curriculum and expanding student access to technology.

Aim of the digital learning challenge: The partnership of Wolverhampton LA Learning Technologies Team and WildKnowledge sought to enable a centrally managed city wide ‘authentic’ digital learning challenge bringing together a number of innovative technologies through the learning platform. As Wolverhampton schools in the UK work towards embedding their learning platforms into teaching and learning programs the Learning Technologies Team attempted their first city-wide collaboration project. During the months of June and July 2010 schools were
invited to take part in a Ladybird survey using their learning platform, a branching database, pupil devices and mobile GPS enabled technologies to contribute to the National Harlequin Ladybird Survey. Put quite simply; could learners across the city be mobilized using technology to monitor the spread of the dreaded Harlequin Ladybird?

A school district of 2,300 students in St. Mary's, Ohio is continuing a pilot program where third-, fourth- and fifth-graders are assigned PDAs for use as a learning tool in the classroom, and at home. They use applications created by a company called Go Know! to draw pictures and create sketches, journal and write essays, said Kyle Menchhofer, the district's technology coordinator. Other applications create flash cards for spelling and math.

St. Mary's City Schools Mobile Learning Technology - Excellent resource for using mobile devices in the elementary curriculum.

Teachers can create lessons and activities with Keynote, PowerPoint, and share by sending toAuthorStream, iTunes, or Studywiz eLocker .

GoKnow Lesson Plans using Mobile Learning Devices

Using Mobile Devices with Preschoolers

The Touch-Screen Generation: Young children—even toddlers—are spending more and more time with digital technology. What will it mean for their development?